Company name Atar3D

The product Atar3D virtual classroom Website

Atar3D’s Virtual Classroom service is based on a new generation of Internet communication technologies, it offers innovative distance learning platform built for teachers. with a complete set of tools for online learning, all in a flexible and easy-to-use interface.

Special Features

  • Browser based, smart responsive interface.
  • No application required.
  • The Learning Analytics dashboard, a teacher’s ‘co-pilot’.
  • Provides insights into student activity in real time.
  • Hebrew interface, or 30 languages ​​to choose from.
  • Interactive whiteboard.
  • Automatic Closed captions, subtitles, on presentation.
  • Random selection of participant name from a list.
  • A collaborative text editor.
  • Upload office files to display on whiteboard.
  • Fixed login link. Personalized – logo on login page, and inside the classroom interface.
  • Approved by the Israeli Ministry of Education.
  • Compliance with accessibility standards.
  • Complies with GDPR – European Privacy Protection Regulation.

Additional Features

  • Advanced survey tool.
  • Split into break-out rooms.
  • Guest login control, and waiting room.
  • Raised hand , emoticons, and teacher alerts.
  • Screen share.
  • Display and sync media files.
  • Private and public chat.
  • Cloud recording.
  • with advanced player that includes a text search within the recorded content Webcam virtual

background In short … an advanced alternative to zoom.

Atar3D works with different educational organizations in Israel and around the world.