Company name Avia security

The product Community management system in emergencies Website

The AVIA SECURITY system operates as a population management system in emergencies and enables complete control of complex events – security and civilian.

AVIA SECURITY method of operation focuses on convenient and fast management of the system in an effort to obtain as quick a picture as possible for the management and the teams operating in the field, along with ease of use in the community operation process in a short time.

Essential components such as:
1. Send a push message to check the status of the population
2. Send security messages
3. Activation of emergency groups
4. Active distress buttons
5. Exercise module
6. Return system for the management of the authority
7. A return system for community management
8. iPhone and Android app
And more …

The solution is deployed in various Israeli municipalities, such as the regional Eshkol Regional Council, Har- Hevron Regional Council, Benyamin Regional Council, and Hof-Eshkol Regional Council.