Company name Axilion

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Axilion Smart Mobility is revolutionizing the way cities manage traffic.

Our AI and SaaS based solutions transforms standard traffic signals to become intelligent car connected IoT devices. Through our unique and field proven software solutions we are able to optimize traffic flow in intersections by 30%, dramatically reduce public transit operator’s travel time by up to 47%, grow transit ridership by 400%, as we streamline traffic in signals with minimal impact on other road users.

With a tenacious team of 20 professionals including a solid AI R&D team, multiple ex. Mobileye angel investors, a renowned US Advisory Board with leaders from the auto-industry, public transit and DoT, we are enabling cities to become smarter and greener.

Axilion is the only approved software in Israel by the Ministry of Transportation for designing, planning and deploying adaptive and standard traffic signal timing. Through our partnership with the Technion Institute of Technology and recognition by the Israel innovation authority, we continue to evolve our unique AI technology and IP.

Cities deploy Axilion for public transit and then expand to all signalized intersections in the city, as we dramatically improve traffic flow and reduce congestion. Our adaptive traffic network solutions empower municipalities with real-time command and control, V2X traffic signal communications to vehicles, with plans to evolve to congestion management and prediction facilitating city-wide dynamic congestion pricing.

Axilion smart traffic signals are implemented in Jerusalem and Haifa.