Company name Call Yachol


Call Yachol, the first company of its kind in the world, specializes in setting up outsourced call centers staffed mainly by 230 peoples with disabilities.

The Municipal Tax Property Project: Proactive calls to city residents on behalf of the Municipality, with the intention to get their consent to send their municipal property voucher by email instead of regular mail – great for sustainability: improving the environment, saving regular mail costs for the municipality and at the same time allowing employment for people with disabilities.

24/7 Human Response Center: Providing service to residents of municipalities and regional and local councils, for various inquiries (education, payments, sanitation and activation of on call personal. Call documentation on the relevant Regional or Municipal CRM systems.

Resident Satisfaction Surveys: Telephone surveys measuring resident satisfaction with the level of service they receive from our customers various departments.

Employer’s Academy – In order to aid our customers to comply with regulations regarding the employment of people with disabilities, We provide various Courses and training programs in the fields of, sorting, recruiting, onboarding and managing people with disabilities. Call Yachol’s many employees with disabilities participate in exercises and discussions – the only place in Israel HR teams and managers can get such practice. Additionally, you can visit our Visitor’s Center.