Company name Mashcal

The product ClickCal Website

ClickCal is an online product catalogue developed by Mashcal. The catalogue is accessible, more efficient and easier to use.

All the activities are within one accessible place, at any given time and from everywhere. ClickCal enables in an easy way to navigate between the various products, search for products, view detailed information of every item and adding it to Bill of Material. Upon completion of selecting all items, the system sends the BOM for approval according to working procedures in the municipality. Results are provided within a click of button.

System specifications:

  • Displaying Mashcal’s products catalogue
  • Displaying detailed information of every item in the catalogue
  • Filtering items for search according to item characteristics
  • Displaying supplementing items according to product specifications
  • Comparing between items
  • Item selection added to BOM
  • Automatic approval process according to municipality procedures
  • Follow-up of procurement items by Mashcal
  • Acceptance of RPF results
  • Centralized procurement reports

System benefits

  • Complete transparency throughout the RFP process
  • Streamlining procurement process
  • Receive items information with a click of a button
  • Statistical/past procurement reports
  • Computerized RFP results