Company name Green Digital Advertising

The product Green Digital Website

Complain every time you empty your mailbox and find endless flyers for pizzas, plumbers and laundries? You might soon stop seeing them.

The development of “Green Digital” aims to reduce advertising products in the mailboxes through a digital billboard, which currently has about 500 shared buildings installed across the country.

The bulletin board in question is basically a smart touch screen that is placed in the lobby of the building that broadcasts regular messages from the home committee along with community announcements and city hall announcements, award-winning puzzles (business coupons) and advertising on behalf of businesses in the building.

At Green Digital, they were looking for a creative and inexpensive solution to deal with the dirt the Flyers produce, and when they couldn’t find it – they realized there was a business opportunity here.       Together with professionals, they worked on developing the touch screen and developed a billboard management software. Unlike other screens that are used as a bulletin board, this time it is an interactive board that allows you to receive coupons, participate in contests, and more. In the latest system, you can even make an appointment for a bank or a health fund, and there is also an option for a distress button – later you may be able to add sensors for face recognition.

The tenants or the board pay a minimal amount for the set up, and the rest is payed by the advertisers who have a few choices: with / without the option to enter the company website, with / without the possibility of distributing coupons, locations across the board, show time on the board, and more.

The screens are installed in residential buildings in Netanya, Petah Tikva, Rishon Lezion and Holon, and next to the Herzliya Municipality building.

On the Touch screen there are areas directed to the contents of the municipality and take control of the screen content in an emergency. Content such as – culture, city spokes, the mayor’s speech, content can be targeted to a single building, street, neighborhood or the entire city.