Company name

The product Inclusive planning - Strategy & Public Engagement Platform Website strives to help central government and local authorities make better decisions. We do it through AI-powered public engagement processes and a brand-new digital platform for strategic planning.

The platform is based on a strict method called “outcomes first.” We believe in focused plans, which define the organisation’s and its leaders’ most important goals. For each action plan, the system shows real-time progress and allows managers to share key milestones and achievements with the city and the public.

By doing so, we create a more transparent environment and help build trust between the management and its residents. In addition, the platform also enables public consultation within the system itself. It enables you to ask open-ended questions, send personal emails or text messages – and leverage AI to extract bottom-line insights.

Our solution focuses on effectiveness. It’s not about detailed tasks or documenting every action – it’s about doing what matters.

Currently, our solution is deployed in various municipalities, such as Ashdod, Yeruham, Emek- Izrael, Jerusalem, Kfar-Saba, Givatayim and more.