Company name IsraelInfo

The product Talking Poles Website

A media, branding strategy, marketing and technology project for municipalities and public spaces.
The idea is to use existing platforms to create new channels of communication between residents and guests in city, community, institution or organizations without the need for an application.
The idea stems from the need for the community educational activity which will help connect young people to the state and community heritage and make it a platform for resolving other needs . First and basic step is the production of the strategic brand of the city or state. This has giant effect on every level of living and positioning of the organization. Implementation – Street names, plazas and public sites are often named after our leaders whom most youth are unaware of their identity, achievements, etc.
On the street pillars will be signs with a branded symbol, such as the “Israeli heart” (with a short concise message (which will be promoted in a municipal or national campaign). The signs will be the basis for communication (by scanning, typing or some other technology).
Other uses for the system-for measuring satisfaction related to municipality services business needed, tourism, and information on any issue including reporting events or problems. . This means that the residents will be able to provide feedback on the quality of the service they received, with immediate location identification, the possibility of uploading a “form” that will enable the rating of the service experience, the possibility of different categories of sites and the distinction between places.