Company name Magna BSP ltd

The product Smart Automatic Observation and Surveillance Systems Website

Magna is the only company in the world with 3D detection, and the first with real-time fusion of thermal imaging and visible detectors providing with the unique and customize software detection and recognition at the same time and distance.

That combination can detect and track intrusion detection 24/7 at all-weather condition, surface masking and movement filtering, static objects –trace and smuggling, and high velocity targets like tennis balls, hockey pucks, and rockets, as well as providing 360° drone protection.

The main Magna solutions provider are:

  • Israel Military for border protection and camp perimeter security
  • Critical infrastructure protection like nuclear power plan, airport, seaport, intruder detection and smuggling, swimmers, drone detection
  • System integrators: Integrated with PTZ cameras and UAV/ Drone, and hybrid solution (solar panel, RF/ cellular/ Wi-Fi)

Special software develops to customer requirements like:

  • Different cameras type: thermal imaging, visible, scanning cameras, drone payload
  • Human behavior, suspicious movement at crowded aera
  • Transportation control, counting cars, traffic control
  • Autonomous cars (ADAS), railroad safety and maintenance
  • flight Safety (drone, UAV): Obstacles in the urban area, high voltage cable, landing on unknown surface
  • industrial air pollution, water leaks, accurate measurements
  • runway safety, FOD, objects at aircraft gate, birds strike prevention

Magna products are deployed in the governmental market in Israel: military, police, Israel Prison Service (IPS), Haifa port, Ayalon Highways and in Japan, Singapore, Russia, France, and more