Company name Mashcal

The product PractiCal Website

An advanced and innovative technological system for controlling and monitoring field activity of contractors supplying services to local authorities.

PractiCal assists in controlling and monitoring contractors and service providers, employed in local authorities via Mashcal.

The system manages hundreds of projects and contractors in local municipalities. The system enables real time reporting of faults, monitoring and documenting fault handling process and planning control activities. The system uses customized questionnaires to each project according to municipality requirements.

The supervisors use a mobile application, location based. Which enables them to perform their duties efficiently and easily. Supervisors can monitor sites they are in charge of, ensure services and activities are performed up to municipality’s requirements’ document faults and set repeated control duties according to the field activity type under supervision.

The system enables real time presentation of control duties, the faults and its handling in the municipality.

System specifications:

  • Customized questionnaires for every project and every municipality
  • Viewing reports in different categories
  • An overview of monitoring open faults
  • Open faults from field ad receive real time alerts
  • Managing documents and data
  • A dedicated application for supervisors


System benefits:

  • Real time actual presentation of field activities
  • Efficient control tasks planning
  • Control and monitoring of all field activities in the municipality
  • Accurate location-based field reporting