Company name SensoGuard

The product SG Cam Kit Website

The Challenge:

Illegal dumping has become an increasingly large challenge throughout the world. Most illegal dumping is done in remote isolated locations, which makes law enforcement complex and the likelihood of being caught low. Law enforcement is difficult, especially in Offenders often dump late at night to avoid the cost and inconvenience of proper waste disposal.

Illegal Dumping Impacts:

  • Cost and Effort
    • Removing illegally dumped waste
    • Surveillance and law enforcement costs
    • Subtracted revenue from waste contractors which should have paid if disposed legally (asbestos waste for example)
  • Visual Impact
    • Reduce Real-estate prices
    • Damage to municipality/government reputation
    • Reduce tourism
  • Environmental Impact
    • Water pollution
    • Hazardous materials
    • Harm to wildlife
  • Law Enforcement Challenges
    • Limited budget per illegal dumping site for law enforcement and surveillance
    • Limited manpower to watch over those sites/analyze cameras video
    • Illegal dumping sites locations may change over time
    • Usually remote isolated area without power supply

The Offered Solution

Covert surveillance system based on wireless seismic sensors which installed (buried) on the illegal dumping area. The sensors constantly monitors the area.  Upon alarm detection a remote hidden wireless camera is being triggered by the seismic sensors. Camera takes a snapshot/video clip and send it immediately to cloud server / smartphone

ROI – Return on Investment

  • Savings from reducing waste dumps thrown at pirate sites
  • Savings from reducing waste dumps thrown at pirate sites
  • Increase in revenue from waste disposal contractors that will be forced to evacuate legally