Company name Mashcal

The product TraffiCal Website

Traffical is a digital smart system for planning and managing of local municipality transportation.

The system includes the database of school pupils, parents, escorters and the contractors and is used as a route planning and controlling tool, and enables a comfortable way for all those contracted by the municipality.

The data is displayed on a digital map which enables an interactive presentation of routes and monitoring of performance using the application for the driver/escorter and/or an interface to  a monitoring company.

Using the system, the municipality receives a complete presentation of all the transportation performed in real time and enables transparency to all citizen using the parent’s application.

Parents can receive an alert 10 minutes before the transportation arrives, to get ready without having to wait unnecessarily. The system provides the parents the confidence seeing their child safe at the destination.

Systems Specifications:

  • Transportation daily route planning
  • Viewing trips in real time
  • Expenditure control and management
  • Information management: routes, students, parents and escorters
  • Costing reports for contractors
  • A dedicated mobile application for drivers/escorters/parents

System benefits:

  • Real time effective management of municipality transportation
  • Transparency
  • A complete picture of all transportations in real time
  • Cost savings, payments based on actual performance
  • Monitoring trips in real time
  • Accounting reports with a click of button