Company name UrbanKey

The product Smart Access & IoT Control Platform Website

There are many buildings (kindergartens, playgrounds, event rooms and warehouses) scattered throughout the urban area controlled by a physical key – on the one hand it requires a lot of logistics and on the other hand it is very easy to steal. The need is to find a digital product that will simplify logistics in access management and provide a secure and innovative solution.

Our solution is automatic easy to use dynamic access control platform which eliminated all the logistic and working time, and in the same time delivers high tech mobile solution for customers that want and need to be in the technology edge. It has advantages over other access solution (like RFID, biometric) in terms of cost, real-time & ease of adding/removing users & security. The platform:

  • Manages users and permissions
  • Keeps logs of all enter and exit events
  • Suitable for office’s main doors and internal doors
  • Use user’s own mobile as personal key
  • Works offline
  • Manage multiple locations & properties from a single platformThe system operates for the last years in co-working complexes in Israel and in preparation for a pilot in several local authorities.