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So what does it mean Smart City?

Leading cities in Israel and around the world, defined as “Smart Cities”, combine Information and Communication technologies, with “Internet of Things” (IOT’s) products spread all over the city, and digitally manage municipal systems: transportation, public buildings, water , Sewage, engineering systems, infrastructure and more, while integrating and engaging citizen and stake holders.

Information monitored from all systems in real-time, processed regularly, and provide municipality decision-makers the ability to efficiently and conveniently manage and maintain continuous and necessary contact with the citizen.

“Smart city” leads to:

  • Improving citizens life quality
  • Improving service quality to citizens
  • Direct communication with the community
  • Control and Manage the infrastructure effectively
  • Reduce0 costs and consumption of resources
  • Economic growth

What’s inside?

The new center, which provides an innovative and advanced technological experience, is located in the center of Tel Aviv and includes experiential representations, viewing and experimenting with advanced systems, collaborations with leading-edge technology companies and more.

A large number of diversified technologies that present to the visitor the most innovative developments in the area of Smart City,

will enrich all those interested in moving forward with the residents, businesses, and service providers in the local authority.

The Center will hold seminars in the various areas of “Smart City,”

Meetings between local authority officials and Smart City solution providers, and tours to special groups.