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Innovation in the Arab Municipalities – the City of Arraba

Author MIC Team

The city of Arraba, located in the Lower Galilee, in the Northern District, is the only entirely Arab city in Israel with a 100% Arab population. The city started as a local council that developed and grew until it achieved city status.

Technological innovation is even part of the local municipalities in Israel, where you’ll find advanced systems, innovations, and developments designed to improve communication between the municipality and the residents and upgrade various services.

The Arraba Municipality is equal to, if not more advanced than many other cities in Israel in making services accessible to residents using technology. In Arraba, as in other cities, a connection has been drawn between the Happiness Index (the satisfaction of the residents) and the rise in various areas of life, including employment, environment, education, transportation, and other areas, and it seems that the integration of existing systems in the city is just the beginning of a vision for technological innovation and an improvement in the well-being of the residents.

Some of the digital systems that can already be seen in Arraba:

A system for processing tender requests – an integral part of the development of a city and the services to its residents is the invitations to tender put out by the various government ministries, including allocating dedicated budgets for projects and proposals, depending on the department and the approved project. The implementation of tenders depends on constant monitoring of government websites, filling and editing documents, and requests to receive these budgets. To avoid ending up down a rabbit-hole of bureaucracy, losing important information, or being excluded from the tender due to incorrect forms, the Arraba Municipality has developed and implemented a system for centralizing invitations to tender. The system, developed by the municipality itself, is connected to all the authorities that put out tenders and allows viewing, receiving reminders, filtering and sorting requests by subject, budget, and other relevant parameters, viewing documents, and full access to related materials.

Development of a municipal app, presenting all the relevant information provided by the authority in the palm of every resident. The app provides information on municipal services, registration for activities and institutions, management of personal resident files, including the ability to keep track of municipal service payments, local news, contact details for the municipal center, and more. The app is also accessible to people with disabilities and is built in a way that also takes into account the older and less technologically-minded population, creating an optimal user experience.

CRM system for managing residents’ inquiries – it is the municipality’s responsibility to enable residents to contact and receive a response in various areas related to municipal services. In order to respond efficiently and provide services to residents, it is vital to offer wide hours of operation and provide a quick initial response along with managing referrals according to priority and degree of urgency.

The CRM system for managing residents’ inquiries enables documentation and follow-up of all inquiries using several methods ( from 106 call center, contact through the website or app), routing the inquiries for handling according to the nature of the inquiry, and allowing residents to receive information and follow up on inquiries.

Online forms – In order to make municipal services more accessible and increase the use of digital services, rather than waiting at local authority offices in person, the municipality has implemented a variety of online forms for completing digitally and sending directly to the various municipal departments online. These include registration forms for various educational institutions, application forms such as tax deduction, proof of residence, management of payments and fees, and even feedback and surveys concerning residents’ satisfaction with municipal services.

The Arraba municipality has already implemented a substantial upgrade of digital services for residents; similar technological innovations and systems are now on the market,designed for local authorities with the aim of improving and upgrading the quality of life in the city, including transportation and mobility solutions, better environment, education, tender requests and improved transparency.