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Mirror, mirror on the wall, which is the most digital city of them all?

Author MIC Team

How do you think your local authority is ranked compared to other municipalities in terms of the digital services it offers? Very highly? Or maybe, to put it politely, they are still stuck in the nineties?

A few years ago, the Deloitte Digital Index was developed, to measure the level of digital services provided by local authorities throughout Israel enabling us to measure which city has undergone the most digital transformation.

Let’s start with the bottom line: everyone needs the services of the local authority in which they live, whether they are an individual or a business.
In all honesty, is your local authority “user-friendly”, or is it still stuck in the age of the fax-machine, clinging on to complicated and unnecessary bureaucracy and form-filling?
In today’s digital age, many people are looking for the simplest digital solutions. They don’t have the strength, time or desire to physically attend meetings or endlessly submit forms. They know that there is a better way and that they deserve more.
The local authority has, in effect, the power to make life easier for residents (and at the same time for both itself and its employees), or the opposite: causing residents to spend whole hours and days standing in unnecessary queues at the municipality offices. The Deloitte Index, developed in recent years by fast-track students from the Interdisciplinary Department of the School of Government Studies, together with Deloitte, examines precisely this issue, and using the results, helps local authorities to step into the 20th century.

So how does it actually work?

The index, which is the first of its kind in Israel, is updated annually. It was developed with the aim of promoting digital urban services to Israeli citizens. It can be used to compare the various services, pinpoint specific needs and identify and correct any gaps. Simply put, the index actually examines the supply of digital services to residents and businesses in local authorities in Israel. It is divided into four categories:

Resident services
Business services
Urban-planning and engineering services

In order to collect all the data, the developers of the Index used a fine-tooth comb to examine all the digital services offered on the websites and social networks of all the local authorities in Israel. 38 different service parameters were examined that were scored according to the level of information availability online and digitally, and combined to calculate a final score based on the total scores for each of the categories. If we take a quick look at the latest list, we can see that the city of Raanana ranks highest, followed, obviously, by the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality. This is no great surprise, and when other municipalities start eyeing the digitalization of the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality longingly and dream of being just like them, then the Deloitte Digital Index actually transforms the work of local authority decision makers and makes their lives easier.
All you have to do is open the Index website, click on your local authority, find out what score you got, and compare it to other cities to see exactly where you stand, what needs to change, what can be improved, and the level of resident satisfaction.

After all, we’re all here to help the residents and ensure them a simple and satisfactory municipal service, right?

You can find the Index here: