Company name Matific

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Matific is an award-winning math program that has proven to help improve students’ math test scores by 34%. Matific is designed by world-class early-age math education experts and is based on vast experience with math teaching and research. It is focused on teaching children core math skills in a fun, educational, and interactive way.

Covering a full-year curriculum, Matific develops mathematical excellence and problem-solving skills through playful interaction. Endorsed by elementary school teachers and principals worldwide, Matific is the product of choice for developing early-age math excellence and scientific intuition.

Matific is implemented in various municipalities around Israel and the world, such as Jerusalem, Nof- Hagalil, Nes- Tziona, Givatayim, Tel-Aviv, Ramat-Gan, Rahat, Ashdod, Reshon Lezion and Beit Jan.