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    ClassVR kits for pedagogical experiences with Virtual/Augmented Reality & 3D

    Matific is an award-winning maths program for K-6

    A social learning center and virtual classroom in every student’s pocket

    Workforce management and control of buildings and assets

    Bee Sports offers schools and authorities the establishment of innovative classrooms and learning spaces that enable learning on the move and creating […]

    A software and a platform for teaching spoken English

    Flexible and easy to use web based conferencing system.

    Unique modular systems for urban gardening design and agriculture.

    System for planning and managing of local municipality transportation

    Nikudu helps your child acquire reading through body movement and play

    Advanced security and operation system

    Prepare your citizens to everything – CPR, Fire, Earthquake and Tsunami

    construction, software development and content services of immersive learning spaces for schools and municipalities

    Interactive navigation, fun and educational game

    Educational interactive space which combines learning with play & movement

    A system for management, control and monitoring of budgets in education tenders

    RavPass is Israel’s Transit Payment app which provide mobility in 40 cities.

    A simple way to share ideas and drive innovation within companies & communities.

    Green roofs and Urban agriculture combined with solar energy

    Monitoring and controlling system for local authorities

    Magic Touch solution that turns any surface to a touch screen

    “Substitute Teacher” helps schools to find substitute teachers with one click