Company name Vinea Green

The product Green Walls, Green Roofs, Home Gardening, Hydroponic Systems, Educational Workshops Website

Vinea Green is an Israeli manufacturing company founded by Assaf Barki to create an optimal combination of green nature and agricultural produce in the urban space. The company has vast experience producing and marketing unique modular systems for constructing water-efficient green walls and green roofs based on recycled materials.

We believe that with the continuous growth of the world population and the growing need for nutritious, available, and high-quality food, there is great importance in utilizing the urban space, such as the many roofs and walls, to grow diverse food (e.g., herbs and vegetables).

The solutions we offer also embody the great potential for mitigating the growing effects of climate change (effective rain capture, insulating the building from radiation, reducing the local temperature in the urban area, carbon dioxide absorption, oxygen emission, etc.), at well as the gradual reduction of the need to expand the current agricultural areas in order to meet the high demand for food products.

Vinea Green solutions are deployed in various municipalities and countries like Israel, Italy, the United states, and Peru.