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    Smart urban planing AI platform

    Unique modular systems for urban gardening design and agriculture.

    A cloud based facility management and tenant communication platform

    Advanced 3D City Modeling Technologies

    Advanced control and management system of engineering projects

    ORWAY design and construct smart city systems and smart and green lighting

    Comprehensive software solution for Smart City best management & sustainability

    UAV operating services | UAV training school

    BMS that integrate into buildings and turn them to energy efficient buildings

    Drinking fountain coolers based on solar panels

    High Performance wireless communication for DALI lighting and smart city IoT

    smart waste management solution of waste containers

    On the spot – instantly installed Off-grid Shading & Illumination

    optimizes the energy and operational performance of commercial and industrial buildings and facilities

    solar street lights, off-grid solar systems, solar benches

    Platform for the collection, validation and management of constructed assets data

    Our digital panel monitors the information and ensures power optimization

    Ramdor is a software solution provider for the contraction field