Company name Gaash Lighting

The product Gaash Smart city solution Website

GAASH LED is an Israeli market leader specializing in developing and manufacturing high-quality lighting solutions for industrial and commercial applications.

Since 1964, GAASH LED has been at the forefront of lighting efficiency and provides advanced lighting solutions, innovative designs, and economically viable, complete packages for Smart Cities and Smart buildings.

Our R&D team is committed to innovation, and our implementation team is experienced in implementing new technologies; we provide complete solutions for our customers: specification, planning, development of specialized solutions, installation, and maintenance.

Many municipalities have upgraded their street lighting and public building lighting with GAASH LED to increase energy efficiency dramatically and reduce electric costs by up to 70%, significantly reducing carbon footprints.

GAASH LED is a proud local manufacturer with over 80 employees committed to quality, innovation, and excellence. Combining quality employees, decades of experience, and innovative solutions, GAASH LED delivers exceptional goods and services.

Our smart lighting system is deployed in Hadera city and Mate- Binyamin.