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    EV chargers infrastructures

    AI-driven Traffic Management Platform for Smart Cities

    Connectivity of smart city cameras over Cellular network

    Electric vehicle stations in the public and private sector

    Solutions for traffic, parking, waste , water resources, security, lighting

    Turns public spaces into accessible environments for the blind

    Behavioral Recognition Systems for Real time Video Intelligence

    Charging Piles for EV based on Energy Storage and Solar generation

    A portable device for monitoring air quality

    UAV operating services | UAV training school

    Transform traffic signals into a dynamic, adaptive connected network that reduces congestion and improves pedestrian safety

    AI-based traffic management platform that autonomously optimizes traffic lights

    Tracking & alerting system for public domain

    RavPass is Israel’s Transit Payment app which provide mobility in 40 cities.

    AI Safety Solution for Motorcycle Riders and Fleets

    Camera-Based Smart Parking Solutions

    Comand & Control platform for Smart Cities

    Smart shared transportation

    Real-Time AI based command and control center

    ZOOZ has developed a unique kinetic energy storage technology for an ultra-fast EV charging stations anywhere

    Provides wireless charging for electric vehicles while in-motion or parked

    Comprehensive software solution for Smart City best management & sustainability

    MaaS – Mobility As A Service solutions and urban mobility app

    Audio-Guide Way-Finding for visually impaired indoors, outdoors, public transportation

    Simplifies parking search for drivers and enriches parking data for cities

    Micro-Mobility: Electrical, small vehicle that easily enables a safe ride on all terrains

    Observation systems with 3D image processing based on A.I. and Deep Learning

    Crowd, Traffic and Transportation Management Based on Cellular Network Data

    System for planning and managing of local municipality transportation