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viisights provides real-time understanding of video footage captured by surveillance cameras spread throughout cities, public areas, traffic control centers, buildings, commercial, medical, financial and industrial zones. The system processes and understands large number of video streams in real-time, while providing insights and alerts for actions, events and scenes of interest.

viisights advanced video understanding capabilities are available through 2 products:

  • viisights WISE – A behavioral recognition system for real-time video intelligence – understanding live streams which originate from surveillance devices.
  • viisights TRUE –AI based central motion detector, installed as second layer analytics in command and control centers for filtering false alerts which originate from edge motion detectors.

Our product categories and functionality groups:

  1. Public Security
    • Recognition of violent activity (i.e. people fighting, vandalism, stabbing)
    • Recognition of context-related suspicious activity (i.e. people with weapons, throwing objects, masks, blood, falling, lying on the ground)
    • Crowd management (i.e. crowed gathering/dispersing, crowd unrest, riot scenes)
  2. Smart City Traffic Surveillance and Monitoring System
    • Recognition of complex road situations (e.g. accidents, people getting in and out of vehicle)
    • Recognition of disturbances to traffic (e.g. vehicles stopping in a junction or on a sidewalk)
    • Alerting on road hazards
    • Parking violations
    • Monitoring traffic flows and reporting on various statistics
  3. Indoor and Outdoor Public Safety (including fire and smoke detection)
  4. Perimeter Protection (e.g. unauthorized access alerting, climbing walls and fences)
  5. Quality of Life (garbage disposal, dog pooping)

In order to automatically understand the content of a live video stream, viisights has developed a deep video understanding technology that applies holistic and temporal analysis engine for Scene Participants (SP) recognition and their characteristics. The holistic analysis engine analyzes video content through a top-down approach (scene -> event(s) -> action(s) -> object(s) -> attribute(s)) by using the time dimension to connect between the video’s image sequence and the different modalities.

Our holistic approach, first-of-its-kind technology, enables municipalities to quickly address events-of interest, attend to hazards, prevent blockage, while enhancing the city’s essential role in securing the life and safety of its inhabitants. Moreover, this revolutionary system offers the most advanced video analytics technology that exists in the market today – unlike the limited data of static object classification, which current video analytics systems offer, viisights can extract more meaningful data from the huge amount of captured video content and transform it to actionable insights, justifying the massive investment in video surveillance infrastructure by cities and municipalities.

About viisights

Viisights is a leading innovator of behavioral understanding systems for real-time video intelligence. The company provides AI-powered behavioral understanding systems for safe and smart cities, enterprises, campuses, banks, financial institutions, critical infrastructures and transportation hubs. viisights’ mission is to leverage artificial intelligence technologies that facilitate human-like pattern prediction in order to create fully autonomous video intelligence systems.

viisights was founded by a group of serial entrepreneurs with proven track records in building and developing businesses that rely on innovative, state-of-the-art technologies. The company’s founders recognized the growing global need for artificial intelligence which promotes safer physical and virtual public areas – and realized that smart video understanding technology can become a true game changer. Viisights is committed to developing AI technologies that facilitate human-like video understanding, which in turn serves as the basis for fully autonomous video intelligence systems powered by pattern prediction technology. To achieve success, the company relies on its seasoned management, a knowledgeable technology team, cutting-edge technological expertise, and a far-reaching vision.

The solution is deployed in Ashdod municipality.