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City Management Solutions

Top Solution’s concept of city management solution places the resident at the center. The solution for managing cities and regional councils enables different processes to be managed through a single infrastructure and provides a comprehensive response to the resident and the various departments.

Top Solutions, for managing municipalities and local councils are cloud solutions that enable work from mobile with interfaces to any other information system. The entire information is drained into a management dashboard where the resident at the center and all the information about his interaction with the local body.

  • Inquiries / Public Complaints – a system that enables the reception of public inquiries on the omnichannel, referral to relevant department/staff member, management of the tasks derived from a referral, and closure of treatment cycle through the survey.
  • Work Plan Management – Computing work processes derived from the municipality/council’s annual work plans. Technological tools for monitoring implementation of programs, budget utilization, and resources.
  • Quality of service management – Through continuous surveys that measure and monitor all residents’ contact points with the municipality/council, problems can be identified in different departments in real-time, streamline processes and improve service with the residents. Emergency plans – emergency management. – BCP – Computerized process Management of Emergency Management Programs Managed as 3-Step Tasks:
    • Routine management – Computerized list of routine risk prevention and coping tests for each scenario.
    • Running an emergency plan – Scheduled tasks according to a scenario to deal with in the event of an emergency.
    • Return to a routine – Recovery plan for return to routine.
  • Internal Audit – A computerized solution through which you can define, plan, and monitor the audit process in stages.

The solution is deployed at Jerusalem, Tel Aviv – Jaffa, Rishon Lezion municipalities & Gezer regional council.