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    CityMood helps local authorities understand the needs and wants of their residents through analyzing information on social networks, local and national news […]

    Drinking fountain coolers based on solar panels

    Platform for supervising and managing security services

    System for monitoring air pollutants, noise and radiation

    Comprehensive software solution for Smart City best management & sustainability

    The platform powers inclusive decision-making by enabling collaboration of residents

    Smart City CyberInfrastructure Monitor & Control

    System for planning and managing of local municipality transportation

    Smart shared transportation

    Virtual assistant for outstanding customer support experience. Based on AI and natural language understanding

    Full critical AID system for respiratory and cardiac emergencies

    Behavioral Recognition Systems for Real time Video Intelligence

    Alert/Notification distribution system, Geo-targeted/group-selective & Panic Button

    4cast is a provider of decision-support solutions

    smart waste management solution of waste containers

    Data-driven decision making for local authority

    quantitatively analyze video to derive actionable insights for data-driven safety

    Digital platform dedicated for public participation processes in municipalities

    Monitoring and controlling system for local authorities

    Workforce management and control of buildings and assets

    Water metering and management systems

    Real-Time AI based command and control center

    Digital Services for Smart City for better citizens experience and efficiency

    Operational system to improve and streamline service of cleaning and maintanance: Raises satisfaction of users from the cleaning and maintenance Lowers costs […]

    Crowd, Traffic and Transportation Management Based on Cellular Network Data

    Highly efficient core solutions for air purification on the molecular level

    Omnichannel customer support & messaging platform

    AI-driven Traffic Management Platform for Smart Cities

    Converting existing lighting infrastructure to a smart grid

    Tracking & alerting system for public domain

    A cloud based facility management and tenant communication platform

    UAV operating services | UAV training school

    Call centers staffed mainly by people with disabilities

    community management system in emergencies and civilian related

    Nando is a drone-based autonomous platform that offers a wide variety of autonomic solutions

    Advanced control and management system of engineering projects

    A system for management, control and monitoring of budgets in education tenders

    Telephony software to better manage your municipal call center

    A solution for managing computer processes in municipalities and local councils

    A platform for communication between the municipality and residents

    Solutions for traffic, parking, waste , water resources, security, lighting

    Run citizen engagement & ideation challenges with residents or city employees

    Community engagement platform

    Smart beach and drowning-prevention system

    Real-time communications management in case of emergencie

    Observation systems with 3D image processing based on A.I. and Deep Learning

    A simple way to share ideas and drive innovation within companies & communities.

    Disruptive cyber-security technology that provides total defense against the spread of cyber attacks

    Advanced 3D City Modeling Technologies

    Connecting all types of IoTs in smart cities

    A system for monitoring and controlling illegal dumping sites

    Comand & Control platform for Smart Cities