Company name Qlik Israel

The product Qlik Sense Website

Qlik has been leading the BI market in Israel for 9 consecutive years (according to the STKI survey).

Qlik platform allows any municipality or council and their trust bodies to get a complete look of corporate information, end-to-end, in real-time, on each platform.

What can you achieve with our help?

  • Monitoring of construction projects (and projects in general)
  • Yield real estate management
  • Finance: budgets, expenses, loans, collection
  • Personnel
  • Projects
  • transportation
  • Perform surveys within the BI platform
  • Accessing public information
  • Call center management
  • Eligibility for property tax analysis
  • Management of agricultural plots
  • Regular monitoring of publications on social networks and websites
  • Provide quick response when switching from emergency to emergency

Qlik is based on a registered patent that distinguishes it from any other research tool: The associative engine enables connection of the information bases without fixed hierarchies. This gives extraordinary Researching capabilities, without the need to stop when asked a question that was not planned in advance. In addition, Qlik gives you a colorful indication of other options you can explore, and (and this is important) about the results that were discovered during the investigation and raises business questions of “What we don’t know?” That you can’t get in other systems.

Qlik Sense has advanced self-service capabilities that allow business users to explore without interruption and without the support of the IT team: smart all-data search, ability to create visual objects, gain insights from Qlik’s AI engine, build new models and add Sources of information and more, all under an advanced authorization system.

Qlik Sense comes to you with a powerful geographic engine that allows visual display of spatial information, but also complex analyzes of proximity, itineraries, distance calculation, heat maps and more. The combination of BI and GIS capabilities saves you the need to skip between two different systems as you view and analyze your information

Qlik is deployed at Ra’anana. Giv’atayim, Haifa, Tel Aviv – Yaffo and Misgav Regional Council