Company name 4cast Predicting the unpredictable

The product 4cast is a provider of decision-support solutions Website

Local authority decision-makers are dealing with Big Data overload from variable systems, making decision-making difficult and not providing a clear snapshot. 4cast offers a comprehensive AI platform for all the local authority’s work processes and decision-makers.

The company’s products are based on a decision-making methodology for routine and emergency management, turning information into quality management knowledge.

  • Management interface for Smart City solutions
  • Risk management
  • Improving resident service processes
  • Preventive maintenance and infrastructure management
  • Emergency urban readiness
  • AI-based Predictive urban growth

The State of Montana has selected 4Cast as the software provider to provide a predictive analytics software solution. The Competence & Readiness Performance Management (CRPM) System aggregates the disparate data into one platform for the Emergency Managers. Providing government leaders with real-time data in an easy-to-read snapshot to help determine unit readiness levels, track trends, highlight unit and individual gaps, and improve decision-making. The Department of Emergency Services needed a platform to take all their data sets across the state and multiple sources into one meaningful dashboard. 4Cast met the requirements and provided the employees with a system that was easy to use and had immediate results.