Company name MyShops

The product MyShops application Website

MyShops is a community shopping marketplace that focuses on promoting the small urban businesses’ services and products. It promotes these goals by granting purchase discounts benefits in order to attract and retain customers from across the businesses’ community.

In practice, MyShops is a free mobile application, servicing more than 2500 businesseses, that integrates and connects the bubsinesses’ end and the customers’ end. Each user is exposed to the local businesses that are near by and that are registered in the app. Each shopping opportunity is discounted.

MyShops is chosen by many municipalities as a main platform for gifting and discounts granting -all for promoting and enhancing the local business sector, the local commerce, and the economic relief of the citizens.

By doing so, MyShops is promoting urban sustainability and the reinforcement of the local sence of community. It is a result of a long term strategy thinking, trying to enhance a deep valide change for the small sized local businesses.

The app is currently used in several municipalities through-out Israel, including Hod-HaSharon, Kfar-Saba, Acre and Natanya. It is currently available only in Hebrew.