Company name ClearMash Solutions

The product Customer engagement optimization platform Website

ClearMash – Customer engagement optimization platform empowers agents and customers with all relevant information to ensure optimal customer interactions every time.

ClearMash is a customer engagement workflow optimization platform that empowers agents and customers with relevant information to ensure optimal customer interactions.

Many contact centers already improved their customer experience using ClearMash’s platform. Aberdeen research shows on average, 17% of an agent’s time is spent looking for information they need to do their job, leading to lower effectiveness and disengagement.

ClearMash workforce optimization tools and capabilities optimize the agent’s performance and boost the productivity of the contact center. ClearMash helps contact centers to improve the main KPIs such as first contact resolution, reduce the average call-handling time and shorten the coaching and training time. Digitizing agent’s workflows and leveraging the information accumulated in every customer service interaction increase customer satisfaction and agents’ productivity at the same time.

The solution is deployed in Holon and Jerusalem.