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    Real-time communications management in case of emergencie

    Digital platform dedicated for public participation processes in municipalities

    A simple way to share ideas and drive innovation within companies & communities.

    A social learning center and virtual classroom in every student’s pocket

    A system for management, control and monitoring of budgets in education tenders

    Run citizen engagement & ideation challenges with residents or city employees

    Chakratec has developed a unique kinetic energy storage technology for an ultra-fast EV charging stations anywhere

    Alert/Notification distribution system, Geo-targeted/group-selective & Panic Button

    The platform powers inclusive decision-making by enabling collaboration of residents

    Virtual assistant for outstanding customer support experience. Based on AI and natural language understanding

    Solutions for traffic, parking, waste , water resources, security, lighting

    MaaS – Mobility As A Service solutions and urban mobility app

    Digital Services for Smart City for better citizens experience and efficiency

    Audio-Guide Way-Finding for visually impaired indoors, outdoors, public transportation