Company name 3walls

The product immersive room Website

3walls is an innovative solution for interactively conveying content and lectures in a way that is well adapted to the young and adults learners of the digital era we live in. Instead of the traditional method of learning, 3walls offers an immersive and interactive experience of learning that allows the student to be a part of the subject he learns about.

Thw company builds a 3-parts drywall in the shape of a half-haxigon, so that the new “room” is open wide to audiance and students to participate in. All over the new walls the company installs projectors, sound devices, computers and touch sensors systems. These enable an interactive and a visual learning interface. The user can use a ready-to-use”study unit” or to create a whole new unit all by himself, tailored to his specific needs. The process of content-creation is based on the ability to integrate already familiar applications into the system  so the user can rely on softwares and applications he already familiars with. All in order to accelerate content creation by users. Every unit includes pictures, videos, online links and media that are embeded – separately or panoramically – into the new 3 walls.

The customer can create his own “units” by using the “Lesson editor” that provides cotume tamplates to duplicate or variate according to the user’s needs. The user-systems is a social-network like system so the user can share all new content with all of the other users automatically (sujected to a basic verification approval given by the company).

The company also produces premium units meant for broad topics units, and  also provides trainning courses in order to assimilate the system and to initiate the planning and producing of immersive interactive content.

3walls is currently intalled in Emek-Hefer and Ashdod municipalities, and in 3 schools at Bat-Yam, Netanya and Ashkelon municipalities; all in Israel.