Company name All Bikes

The product Public Repair Station For Bicycle Website

An independent bicycle repair station (Public Repair Station = PRS) is installed throughout the city and in public and private places for the general public, equipped with a strong pump suitable for all types of valves, and equipped with all the tools required to repair the bicycle, from repair a puncher to reinforcement and replacement of parts.

The stand is friendly and easy to operate, very safe, accessible to everyone (including those with disabilities), well grounded and non-theft.

The PRS is not connected to a power source nor is it pneumatic or mechanical.

All products are registered in EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) and LV2 in Polish patent.

The benefits are amazing!

  • Upgrade the workspace
  • Encourage healthy sports activities
  • Environmental concern
  • Strengthening the image of the company and the organization

Bikes Repair Stations are installed in over 4000 locations throughout Europe:
London, Germany, Poland, Spain, Slovakia, Belgium, Ireland, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Luxembourg and more.

Thousands of PRS are already installed across Europe and serve a wide public! And now also in Israel !!!