Company name Aquarius Spectrum

The product iQuarius, AQS-SYS Website

Aquarius Spectrum is a leading provider of advanced leak detection solutions for water loss reduction, burst prevention, pipe condition assessment, optimizing maintenance and operational costs.
Our products are currently monitoring more than 2,000km of water pipes around the world helping major water utilities reduce their NRW and M&O cost by using fixed and mobile acoustic sensors.
We offer a wide range of innovative solutions for monitoring any type of water pipe materials and diameters.
The main two are:

AQS-SYS: Continuous monitoring of water pipe networks using correlating sensors and cloud-based software, automatically providing accurate GIS presentation of leaks and pipe condition. AQS-SYS asset management capabilities enables decision support and optimized budget planning of infrastructure maintenance.
iQuarius: Easy-to-use smartphone-based leak detection solution using mobile sensors enabling to pinpoint leaks by listening, surveying and performing correlation. The mobile solution includes BackOffice supervision and data analysis. Aquarius provides smart cities a real IoT solution.