Company name YSB Group

The product Complete Smart City Solutions Website

Our company has been operating for dozens of years providing solutions to municipalities in all of the main fields. We would be happy to send further information on each individual solution:

  1. Intelligent traffic control systems and smart traffic-light solution.
  2. Vehicle Parking systems – both at the municipal level and individual parking lot level.
  3. Vehicle parking expansion solutions – multipliers, automatic and robotic parking solutions.
  4. Automatic bicycle parking solutions.
  5. Water resource management, detection of non-revenue water, and performing non-intrusive pipe rehabilitation solutions.
  6. Security solutions including the cyber coverage for OT (infrastructure SCADA).
  7. Smart lighting and grid solutions.
  8. Electrical vehicle parking.
  9. Waste management closed-cycle solutions (From MSW sorting to end solutions).

Our company operates in Tel Aviv-Yaffo, Jerusalem, Ashdod, Rehovot and many more.