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    Detection and prevention of water leaks & floods

    Water metering and management systems

    Green roofs and Urban agriculture combined with solar energy

    Drinking fountain coolers based on solar panels

    Behavioral Recognition Systems for Real time Video Intelligence

    Satellite-based detection of fresh-water leaks in urban water supply systems

    Water supply control and management systems

    Smart waste container, waste collection optimization

    A simple way to share ideas and drive innovation within companies & communities.

    Educational interactive space which combines learning with play & movement

    High Performance wireless communication for DALI lighting and smart city IoT

    Smart trucks for waste collection

    Smart Wastewater Management Solutions

    On the spot – instantly installed Off-grid Shading & Illumination

    A system for monitoring and controlling illegal dumping sites

    Digital Services for Smart City for better citizens experience and efficiency

    Comprehensive software solution for Smart City best management & sustainability

    Smart lighting IOT controller for smart cities and public buildings

    smart waste management solution of waste containers

    System for monitoring air pollutants, noise and radiation

    quantitatively analyze video to derive actionable insights for data-driven safety

    Solutions for traffic, parking, waste , water resources, security, lighting

    ORWAY design and construct smart city systems and smart and green lighting

    Smart urban planing AI platform

    Smart shared transportation

    Comand & Control platform for Smart Cities

    Highly efficient core solutions for air purification on the molecular level

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