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Reali Technologies Ltd. is a global leader and pioneer company in IoT since 2008 and in water and wastewater (IoW – Internet of Water) since 2009, providing cloud-based Real Time operational & managerial solutions, named RealiteQ, for water, wastewater, energy, agriculture & industry.

RealiteQ is the new (4th) generation of SCADA systems – Cloud-based, real-time remote control, telemetry & SCADA solution, developed by Reali Technologies Ltd.

RealiteQ was developed as IIoT “all in one” (Hardware, Software & User Interface) agnostic remote-control management & operational platform.

  • IT/OT convergence: RealiteQ integrates information technology (IT) with operational technology (OT) used to monitor events, processes and devices, makes adjustments in networks sites, machines, enterprise and industrial operations and offers significant benefits in cost, quality, speed and reliability.
  • Data management: RealiteQ is much more than just a remote-control system, it is a real-time data management system from A to Z, from the data acquisition to Big data analytics. By using RealiteQ you are not only operating and controlling the system in real-time, but you also can use the data in order to increase the efficiency.
  • Proven technology: Today, RealiteQ is an advanced proven technology for a wide range of applications, such as water, wastewater, oil & gas, BMS, agriculture, energy, renewable energy and energy efficiency, as well as for industrial usage (including OEM), with installations in 40 countries and 5 continents, including USA (since 2010), Europe and worldwide. Among RealiteQ users are many water & waste water utilities as well as Global leading enterprises: Johnson Control, Schneider Electric, Tesla, Volkswagen, L’Oréal, Solenis (Chemicals), ICL, Fluence, Unilever, Coca Cola, Citibank

RealiteQ is the most advanced Smart Water Network solution available today. With RealiteQ you can manage better crisis events by having Real-time warnings for exceptional events. You have the ability to Manage & Control remotely all system components. The real time Information enables improved service, quick reaction time to malfunctions. By RealiteQ contributes for better and safer management of both simple and complex water, wastewater and energy networks.

RealiteQ IoW technology is a true Smart Water Network (SWAN) technology which is a part of the smart city concept. The simplicity of the installation and use, as well as its reasonable cost (CAPEX & OPEX) makes RealiteQ affordable & available for all utilities. RealiteQ capabilities help to improve, efficiency and safety of the water facilities and network:

‘ALL IN ONE’ system – Hardware, software & user interface browser

  • Affordable – Affordable & available to any company and utility in any size and budget, as for the very low investment needed to start and low operational cost
  • Modular – From one unit to hundreds and even thousands of units per single project
  • No installation & maintenance headache – Simple fast and non-destructive installation. Seamless interfacing with existing equipment (sensors, analyzers, PLC…) & software
  • Geo map and Assets Health – Real-time Network status (Assets Health) in one shot on a map (can present also actual values)
  • Hybrid System – Can be upgraded, expended and integrated with an exciting SCADA
  • Build in BI & statistical capabilities – BI functions that use aggregated data and present, as part of the real-time system, the calculated results to be used in dashboards and all parts of the system.
  • Two in One – Support both; Real time Data & Data logger on the same platform • Real-time Bi & multi directional communication (monitoring & control)
  • No limits users and data with no extra cost • Customized screens, dashboards & reports – Personalization of screens as the UI offers easy build-in editor tool
  • Alarms handling:
    • Possible to define escalation mode (unlimited escalation steps)
    • Possible to configure “Nagging” for alarms (may also combine nagging + escalation)
    • Possible to monitor status and duration of alarms as part of the BI part
  • Reports & Trends:
    • High flexibility by the user o Smart dashboards – Display inside a graphical screen several trends and tables
    • Timeframe – In graphical screens, it is possible to configure a dedicated time frame for each one of the trends/tables presented
  • AWS Partner Network (APN) – RealiteQ is a member of the Amazon partner network
  • Optional – enterprise own server: We can supply an enterprise own server
  • Cyber security Reali Technologies have invested and continue to invest a lot in securing our system. RealiteQ use the Amazon server which is consider as highly secured server, and above it we have also our own special security means, Including (optional) Two Factor Authentication (2FA).

The solutions are deployed in more than 1000 sites in Israel and thousands of sites in forty countries.