Company name Telicomm Ltd

The product TEL2000™ Website

The city needs thousands of cameras now. In 2023, 30 million cameras will be installed worldwide for safe and smart city applications with annual growth of 23%.

In today’s rapidly changing environment, there is a growing need for immediate, flexible and cheap solutions. This can only be done using the existing cellular network. But, due to its limited bandwidth, the cellular network cannot support camera connectivity.

Telicomm’s unique technology utilizes machine learning combined with signal processing algorithms to optimize and fit the video transmission from all connected cameras over the cellular network. This is done by predicting – in real-time and ahead of time – the behaviour and needs of all video streams captured by the cameras, together with the condition of the cellular network.

Our Mission – Connecting thousands of cameras is a single day, anywhere it needed (no long term planning) and with lower cost

The solution is deployed in Tel Aviv – Yaffo (Israel), Madrid (Spain).