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    Smart lighting IOT controller for smart cities and public buildings

    Satellite-based detection of fresh-water leaks in urban water supply systems

    Our digital panel monitors the information and ensures power optimization

    Observation systems with 3D image processing based on A.I. and Deep Learning

    Digital Services for Smart City for better citizens experience and efficiency

    An efficient daylighting system, providing full spectrum sunlight

    Real-time communications management in case of emergencie

    Transform traffic signals into a dynamic, adaptive connected network that reduces congestion and improves pedestrian safety

    Chakratec has developed a unique kinetic energy storage technology for an ultra-fast EV charging stations anywhere

    Solutions for traffic, parking, waste , water resources, security, lighting

    BMS that integrate into buildings and turn them to energy efficient buildings

    Software upgrade to existing traffic lights that eliminate traffic jams.

    AI-based traffic management platform that autonomously optimizes traffic lights

    Nando is a drone-based autonomous platform that offers a wide variety of autonomic solutions

    optimizes the energy and operational performance of commercial and industrial buildings and facilities