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Cyber 2.0 (founded in 2015) has developed a disruptive cyber-security technology. It is the only system in the world that provides total defense against the spread of cyber attacks within organizational networks. (viruses, ransomware, Trojan, information leakage, browser hijacking, and every new attack). The first computer may be penetrated, but Cyber 2.0 will isolate the attack and block its spreading. The infected computer will also be blocked from sending information outside the organization, even if it was infected before the installation of Cyber 2.0.

The classic process is “Detection>Prevention”: first you have to detect and recognize every new malicious software, then try to prevent or alert. It is known that 100% detection is not possible (because of the emergence of new malicious software every second). It is also known that 100% prevention is not possible! (because once the system is penetrated, the organization is no longer protected). Cyber 2.0 registered 9 patents (the most important were already approved in the USA, Israel and Singapore).

  • The first patent: Prevention with no Detection; Cyber 2.0 does not fail the Detection Test, because it skips over it, effectively blocking every malware without first identifying it.
  • The second patent: Succeeds in Prevention ;Cyber 2.0 does not fail the Prevention Test, because by using the chaos model, it blocks 100% of what needs to be blocked, since it is designed in a way that even if it is bypassed or deactivated, it still protects the organization. This is possible by using the unique technology of Cyber 2.0, which does not harness existing technologies at its service, but has developed its own unique technology.

This technology is fundamentally different from any other technology in the cyber world. The Cyber World (defensive and offensive) is based on biological models, making it vulnerable to penetration by systems using similar models (virus vs. anti-virus).Cyber 2.0 system is based on a mathematical chaos model that cannot be breached. Also, we are not talking about a theoretical model: the system works, and it has been proven that it works: We have many satisfied clients. We are supported by the Israel Innovation Authority (3 consecutive years)

Cyber 2.0 system provides also solution for the iiot world and the autonomous cars world, using the same Chaos mechanism.

The solution is deployed in more than 20 kibbutzim (Israel) and at the City of Peachtree Corners (GA, USA).