Company name ENGIS LTD

The product CCM - Clean City Mobility Website

Solar panels are installed in the ‘green community transport’ facility, generate electricity during the day and charge the electricity produced into the external storage facility. Fast charging stations for electric vehicles are attached to the external storage facility. The vehicles that arrive for charging at any hour of the day, connect and charge according to their needs. At the end of the charging, the vehicles turn the position to the next vehicle in line. The system knows how to function as a closed system in accordance with solar power generation capabilities, storage capabilities (solar power or power grid) and a known need for the number of vehicles. The external storage facility is charged from the mains during off-peak hours, at night, when the price of electricity is low. According to the needs of the network administrator, the external storage facility may sell electricity to the network during peak hours, thus assisting the system administrator in Peak Shaving.

The solution is implemented in Shanghai and other cities around the world.