Company name CyberGreen Online Solutions Ltd.

The product Eco Waste.Net Municipal

The breakthrough technological developments of recent years have penetrated many areas of the economy and traditional industries, such as waste collection and recycling. 

More and more services are becoming computerized, aiming to increase accuracy, supervision, and efficiency – and to benefit customers and the environment. 

By installing wireless sensors, cellular networks, mobile phones, and using the Internet, the EcoWaste.Net system creates solutions ranging from the supply of uniquely identified waste containers/skips; to tracking containers/skips from placement, through replacing them to dumping them at a licensed site.

In addition, the system offers documentation of the dumped quantities of waste at the sites by container/skip and management of financial demands. 

The system’s versatile capabilities include a friendly report generator, planning and controlling activity, etc. Cyber Green provides customer support, training, and service needed to implement the system and ensure efficient and optimal use. Moreover, the system is a downloadable iPhone, Android, and Tablets application. 

EcoWaste.NET Municipal is a Smart Waste Management Solution powered by patented innovation in the Internet of Things technology, which gives you complete control over every aspect of the waste disposal process. The software provides a friendly user interface that enables tracking of uniquely identified skips from the moment they are placed through their replacement until they are dumped in a licensed waste disposal site. 

The system’s Advantages: 

• Creating and managing construction & renovation projects 

• Container/skip management at construction & renovation projects – including container/skip replacement 

• Geographic information, including each container/skip location and dumping location. 

• Alerts tailored to customer demand 

• Project fulfillment & Billing for services rendered

Nowadays, the solution is deployed in various municipalities, such as Tel Aviv- Yaffo, Rahat, and the West Negev Cluster.