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ICIT is a leading player in computer vision technologies and artificial intelligence, specializing in enhancing public security and safety. 

By producing innovative solutions, ICIT has demonstrated its expertise in implementing advanced computer vision and artificial intelligence algorithms for a variety of practical applications, each of which is aimed at creating a positive impact on public security and safety. ICIT Solutions stands out for offering personalized computer vision and artificial intelligence solutions that meet the specific needs of various sectors, including urban management. For example, these technologies are used to analyze crowd behaviour in public spaces, identify unusual events in videos of urban monitoring systems, manage traffic flow, identify fire risks in urban areas, and implement advanced control of access to public buildings. 

The company is associated with patents that provide a significant technological advantage in the competitive field of computer vision. These technologies enable ICIT to provide efficient and unique solutions to its customers. 

In addition, ICIT is committed to ensuring the most efficient use of hardware resources through optimized algorithms and advanced processing methods. ICIT solutions can achieve high performance on commercially available hardware. 

ICIT offers extensive solutions, such as:

  • Ranging from identifying violence in the streets
  • Analyzing traffic axes
  • Identifying fire and smoke events at long distances
  • Dedicated imaging system for efficient and accurate enforcement

Each solution is carefully designed while considering the real world’s challenges and needs. ICIT is committed to maintaining the highest standards of service and support and ensures that its customers can use their security systems best.

Currently, the company works in Okron Studio, Philadelphia.