Company name Rider Dome

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Rider Dome is the world’s first comprehensive safety solution, powered by Vision AI, designed for motorcycle riders and fleets. This innovative system significantly reduces motorcycle accidents by triggering Real-time alerts against critical threats, providing riders the extra seconds to react and avoid an accident before it happens.

Motorcycle fleets are thriving globally, becoming a common sight in cities worldwide, primarily for delivery, logistics, and emergency services. Nevertheless, urban areas confront challenges from the huge number of motorcycle accidents. Some of these challenges include:

  • Accidents lead to direct and indirect financial costs, alongside disruptions to the flow of city traffic.
  • Accidents or citizen complaints involving reckless riders who often suffer from a lack of video evidence.
  • The inability to identify high-risk riders hampers the implementation of pre-emptive measures.

For riders, the solution triggers life savings alerts about critical dangers by using AI vision; for motorcycle fleets, the platform aggregates the data essential for fleet managers to oversee, trace, and assess the fleet’s safety performance. This real-time data accumulation empowers proactive measures to enhance fleet safety.

Rider Dome was adopted by cities globally, such as Singapore and Barcelona.