Company name Propeller-Drones by MBI ConcepTeam

The product Propeller - Drones as a Servis (DaaS) Website

Propeller-Drones Serves as MBI’s UAV division, established in 2018 by experienced entrepreneurs with a rich managerial, security, and professional background.

The company serves as a supplier to the Ministry of Defense, provides services to a variety of customers, and is also licensed as an official air operator by the Civil Aviation Authority of Israel.

Propeller-Drones is a leading operating aviation company in the Israeli industry and specializes in the training of UAV operators and in the provision of mapping, measurement, modeling, control, and support services for experiments and development processes.

Nowadays, the company works with different municipalities in Israel. For example: Rehovot, Nof Hagalil, Hod Hasharon etc.