Company name proMixed Ltd

The product ClassVR- VR/AR and 3D solutions in Education Website

ClassVR kits allow teachers and students to integrate Virtual and Augmented reality content in the classroom in an easy way.

The kit includes:

 Suitcase for storage and charging

 Virtual reality headsets that also support Augmented Reality and 3D models

 Joystick to control the experience

 ARC cube for using Augmented Reality and 3D contents

 Important! web portal in Hebrew, Arabic, and English with thousands of experiential pedagogical content for free use in the educational institution.

The portal allows the school to manage VR / AR playlists, let the teacher manage the equipment and users, control the lesson and the content presented to the students. ClassVR allows the use of shared content from the education community worldwide; there is also an option to add content to a cloud folder and create new.

In the ClassVR kit, the contents are controlled, filtered, and combine an innovative experience with pedagogy content easily present in the classroom.

It is one of the only VR kits in the world that can be used from kindergarten through high school and also in education academies. There is an option to use the portal in distance learning with dedicated content for use with a smartphone/computer from home.

proMixed Ltd. markets ClassVR kits in Israel, Implements the technology in schools, providing local warranty and service.

Nowadays, the company works in over 80 countries.