Company name CyWat technologies ltd.

The product CyWat real-time water quality & safety system & AI analysis platform Website

CyWat developed a solution to ensure safe and clean water for citizens and reduce the use of chemicals/alerts in real-time about infections in the water system/alerts in real-time from terror attacks trying to poison the water system or cyber-attacks against water infrastructure. 

Disruptive technology – a holistic secure, real-time service for smart water grids:

  • Unique optical sensors and measurements that provide 7000 parameters every 10min, with a specific material signature which detects decision-supportive management software & tools. 
  • Pipe condition/deterioration surveillance (gen 2) Future anti-leak forecast alert. 
  • (gen 2) IoT configuration – shoe size box multi parameter field unit, low maintenance (every six months) 1/10 price of other solutions. 

Target markets: Water utilities/water corporates/industrial plants using water in their manufacturing process or on production lines.

Currently, the solution is implemented in Modi’in Water Corporation and Shikma Water Corporation.