Company name Flycomm

The product Flycomm Cloud Website

Flycomm provides an optimal management and planning system for cellular infrastructure across the smart city. This enables a continuous understanding of the connectivity quality at every location based on carrier, technology (3G, 4G, 5G), date, location (outdoors, in-vehicle, indoor), and various applications such as smart water meters, cameras, etc.

Using the Flycomm cloud system, cities can determine how to deploy smart city assets and receive a detailed plan for establishing cellular infrastructure optimally, enabling full coverage across the municipality with minimum radiation. The planning is done so that sites are located on municipal properties to generate significant passive income for the city.

In addition, Flycomm provides a service for residents to know the optimal carrier for their home address. With this tool alone, Flycomm can improve the cellular experience in the city significantly and reduce radiation levels.

Flycomm’s clients include many municipalities and regional councils across the country and worldwide (including the cities of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem), cellular infrastructure companies, security organizations, transportation, and more.

The system is accessible to anyone, even those not well-versed in telecommunications, and can operate automatically in the background to provide alerts and reports without requiring ongoing management.

Currently, the solution is displayed in Tel Aviv- Jaffa, Jerusalem, Peachtree Corners, Lod, Mateh Binyamin and more.