Company name SMBIT

The product EKRON Website

EKRON is a Smart City system of systems open platform for the management of all the digital verticals (IT, IoT, OT, and every vertical with an API) of the city.

As Ekron connects to everything in the city, it collects and processes information from different point solutions. Ekron draws a new layer of relevant information for stakeholders, using an AI engine. Simple use case: Ekron knows when is the best time for the sprinklers to spray a public lawn, based on the information it collects from the WIFI or CCTV installations. There are no privacy issues.

The EKRON platform contains a cyber mitigation engine that secures the city’s infrastructures against cyber threats. Another pillar of Ekron is a profound IT monitoring build-in solution. The monitoring, cyber, and AI engines produce a single-window view of the city’s digital health.

Ekron’s adaptive UI is smart and simple to use. The UI is customized upon the interest of the user and its role at the organization. Ekron deploys in the cloud or on-premises in disruptive pricing. Ekron freemium model enables IoT makers to use the platform for free in limited metrics.

The solution is deployed at  Rehovot, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv-Yaffo, Haifa, Eilat.