Company name NGSoft Ltd

The product eVigilo-Smart Website

eVigilo-Smart solution product, is a multi-channel alert dissemination system for both Emergency and daily situations. The system can be implemented for governments, municipalities and enterprise, and is already operational in real life for several of them world-wide.

eVigilo-Smart solution has been activated in real life alerting the population from different threats and saved many lives. The product is Geo-location based, and can be targeted to a specific group of people or to a specific location or the combination of both.

The eVigilo system will make sure that on any hazardous situation, the alerts will be received simultaneously on time and across multiple channels to the relevant people or specific groups. The main purpose is both to inform people of a pending life threatening danger by using their Smartphones, and provides information about evacuation and lifesaving activities, and also to serve as a daily notification system to the population.
The system is Bi-directional and include a Panic button for the citizens to use in events they need help.

The eVigilo-Smart solution include a state of the art Command & Control UI enable the city system operators to define city specific needs as Pre-Define messages and Programs, Pre-defined areas and Groups (lists) with no limit.

eVigilo-Smart solution enable Easy and Fast implementation using the population smartphones as an alerting device, it includes a management system for the City Command and Control Center – creates and distributes the relevant alerts to the relevant population and geographic areas. The system will give an Immediate benefit to the citizen where Smartphone – everyone, everywhere.

Hi-Level Schema of the solution: