Company name Masuri Steel and Fences

The product 4 Ever Young Website

Our activity systems are the equivalent of children’s playgrounds and its purpose is first and foremost to enable access and provide free access in order to utilize the public space for the entire target population.

The systems were created to help seniors preserve social and mental skills, help them to avoid loneliness and solitariness while improving and maintaining cognitive activity and movement, strengthening posture and muscle, strengthening self-confidence and even improving creative thoughts.

Unlike the usual outdoor sports equipment and parks, our activity systems are designed to encourage a moderate level of activity among women and men aged 60 and over.

The main goal of the system is to help them improve and/or maintain balance and cognitive activity, and gain better mobility – in order to reduce the risk of falls and postpone dependency.

In addition, the systems are also a great social and multigenerational activity center, where users can play and train together with their peers or grandchildren – in the open public space – like any other age group. Naturally, the design of the facilities and equipment also facilitates rehabilitation activities. The facilities are designed for geriatric, orthopedic and cognitive rehabilitation and support the health concept of long rehabilitation in the community instead of in hospitals, in order to reduce stress, costs and queues in rehabilitation institutions.